About us

Our Business Profile:

  • Sourcing your Raw Materials, Intermediates and Final Products 
  • Marketing of  European Products in Asia
  • Business Development  / Consulting

BALTRAC is located in the Swiss city of Basel where the chemical and life-science industry is well established and recognized globally.Managing Director, Hanspeter Trippmacher, has almost three decades of experience in leading positions in sales, marketing, business development and M&A for global market leaders in the chemical industry. 

Connecting east and west is our basic business philosophy. Based on a solid network in Asia and in Europe we can offer real added value. Our intercultural competence serves as a bridge between continents. Together with the ability to analyze markets and their needs, it is the key to our success. We provide our valued customers with consistent quality combined with the highest standards of service. 

Hanspeter Trippmacher, Managing Partner Baltrac

Hanspeter Trippmacher
Managing Director